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RP Outsourced IT Services Ranked First Class

By Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Friday, November 27, 2009
There is no denying that cheap labor costs are what initially attracted foreign companies to avail of business process outsourcing services from Asia. However, because of the continentís strong IT background, as well as its reputable citizenry; it is slowly becoming a respectable source of needed IT services. And since there are several countries in it that foster this particular industry, foreign conglomerates found it more time efficient to find their answers here. Asia offers competitive outsourced services at affordable prices. India, China, and Malaysia are just some of the Asian countries who are very active in this particular industry. But among them, the Philippines is currently being highlighted as an outsourcing country that offers greater investment value, especially in the field of information technology.

There are plenty of international IT companies today that have housed their backdoor offices in the country. Big names such as Trend Micro, Headstrong, IBM Solutions, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, and Accenture, currently avail of Philippine business process outsourcing services. And aside from them, the presence of fellow Asian companies like Epson, Canon and Fujitsu are strongly felt within the country.

The Philippines has slowly risen in the ranks of entrusted business process outsourcing providers by virtue of their excellence and dedication to service. Affiliated with cost-competitive business assistance and manned by proficient IT professionals - from software developers and engineers to graphic designers; the Philippine BPO industry is currently the third country who supplies foreign corporations with the biggest bulk of IT workers worldwide.

Whatís most advantageous about hiring IT professionals from the Philippines is that you are guaranteed with exceptional IT outputs, whether it is related to the ecommerce website design; the development, testing or refinement of applications, middleware or firmware; system design or analysis, or the creation, maintenance and management of software. According to consultancy groups like Gartner, Swiss Management Institute and Meta Group, Filipino IT specialists provide world class IT services. As such, plenty of tech corporations entrust their important IT processes to IT service outsourcing firms in the country.

Filipinos, in addition to being highly literate, are known to be agile. They can adapt to varying business situations and business associates with ease and at a shorter amount of time. This flexibility makes them the ideal business associates. They are quick to pick up, have the initiative to train, and can do anything and work with anyone with proper orientation. The country has been privileged of being exposed to several cultures in the past. Thatís why they find little difficulty at relating to different nationalities. And aside from the fact that they are proficient English speakers and writers, they also have an innate sense of warmth and hospitability. This allows them to work well with foreign project counterparts and establish constructive business relationships.

Yearly, the Philippines welcomes 400,000 graduates; 32,000 of which are IT trained. The country actually generates more IT manpower than most South East Asian BPO service providers and thus is able to supply the United States and Europe with IT experts. This is what makes Philippines very capable of addressing the need for IT BPO services all over the world.

The number of software development companies in the country currently ranges around 300. It employs a total of 100,000 software designers and additional IT specialists, proficient in internet marketing. And with its incessant rise, the Philippine BPO companies have nothing but great plans for the future of the IT industry. Closing in on a top position in the business process outsourcing hierarchy, the association of software development companies now aspires to adopt international quality standards and become more skillful and reliable in various IT processes.

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