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RP IT Outsourcing on the Rise

Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
There is much to expect from the IT consulting services outsourcing industry of the country. And as portrayed by its successful haul of investors this year, it is predicted that the amount of Philippine outsourced IT services will rise next year and those after; this, despite the prevailing global economic crisis and rumors of a demand decline.

The Philippines, as an IT outsourcing provider, has successfully played the market so far; investing on opportunities that make use of its profuse local talents. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, the country takes about 15 percent of the total worldwide outsourcing contracts as of today. Although still trailing behind industry giants like India and China, the country has incredibly outdone itself at establishing its identity as a reliable IT outsourcing provider. As proven by the continuous influx of IT service requests, the country has, indeed, successfully made a name for itís self in the business.

Right now, it is aggressively trying to improve its outsourcing statistics with plans on expanding the industryís network. By allowing 23 other cities to host outsourcing firms, aside from Manila and Cebu, the government hopes to extend the life of this multibillion dollar goldmine, provide more resources for outsourcing and make the country more ready to accept bigger challenges in the future.

According to a report released by the Philippine Information Technology, there may be a growth in the value of contracts the country is to receive for the year 2013. Basing from previous growth projections and the health of the industry, the Philippines will possibly reap an estimated amount of $4 billion dollars from its outsourcing activities in the next four years.

Now, this comes as no surprise since the country has already gained the trust of several major IT players in outsourcing voice-related services; some of which are phone companies, internet service providers, router and antivirus manufacturers. The fact that we are being patronized by these companies reflects well on the capacity and prowess of the Filipino labor force. And it consequently mirrors the quality and cost-efficiency of other offshore outsource solutions the Philippine BPO industry grants.

The country, aside from positive growth approximations, present itís potential investors with work quality, quantity and efficiency. In addition, the Filipino talent pool is also proficient in both written and oral English; this, not to mention, literate in information technology. The country and its people also boasts of its long standing diplomatic ties with foreign countries and its ability to adapt well to foreign customs. This makes them ideal staffs for any American, Australian, or European conglomerates.

The Philippines also trains some of the most talented, highly intelligent and morally upright personnel for outsourcing to accommodate the need for an honest and reliable offshore outsourced solution. With cheaper costs of labor, equipment and facilities, multinational corporations can trust that they will be able to fully maintain their business processes even with financial cutbacks through the help of a dedicated Filipino workforce.

Currently, there is no other alternative presented for outsourcing. However, there are plenty of options given for the IT outsourcing provider one can tap. In the quest to find the right offshore outsourced solution for your companyís IT needs, you should put into consideration what would give you the a more holistic advantage. In line with this, it is clear to say that there is more to what the Philippine outsourcing industry can offer; a potential that investors should not hesitate to look into.

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