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Qualities Of The Philippine Outsourcing Industry

Tara Estacaan, Hubport Group
Friday, October 30, 2009
The Philippines is recognized as a country in Asia that is very competitive in giving labor and outsource solution to other countries. Filipino workers are known for being naturally diligent, reliable and hardworking people. These traits can be proven by the various titles and recognition given to Filipino talents all over the world.

The country is familiar with the ways of the Western world and has acquired a reputation as one of the outstanding nations that can speak intelligent English. It enjoys the favor of many countries for adeptness in acquiring new techniques from foreign organizations. Dominated by the US for a long time, Philippines has adopted the ways of Westerners. In terms of business style the Filipinos demonstrate keen sophistication in handling commerce, like advanced countries.

In the business process outsourcing world, the country is regarded as an alternative to India. Philippine outsourcing companies have evolved from providing call center agents, customer representatives and IT consulting services to high-end knowledge process services. KPO firms have gained the trust of business conglomerates and this is the reason why outsourcing offshore is seeing better days as BPO and KPO providers continue to receive big outsource projects offshore.

As an Asian country that has a big populace capable of speaking excellent English, the country is gaining its place among the top destinations for global outsource solution This condition inspires more workers to upgrade on their knowledge and education to gain more competencies for the attractive market. Filipinos are also confident that the nationís comradeship with other nations can improve the inflow of outsourcing opportunities. Several firms are working double time to improve the competence of their people and this has allowed higher levels of creativity to be achieved.

Some BPO personnel are sent to get more trainings abroad in order for them acquire more experience as managers of an IT outsourcing provider business. BPOs are now quick to equip themselves of new tools and technologies. Being updated with new applications would help them improve the flow of business with their outsourcing partners.

The growth rate of hiring BPO employees is reaching the extra mile and based on close estimates, the whole outsourcing business is increasing at a minimum of 50% rate yearly. The BPO industry can be evaluated as getting more profitable and is not just inching but taking greater leaps in giving outsource solution.

Many companies in the United States, Australia and Europe have chosen the Philippines to supply their business process outsourcing solutions. This openly translates to the reality that BPO providers in the country can provide more quality services than others and help companies accelerate their revenue gains. With the favorable shift on the outsourcing scene, many companies are likely to transfer their operations to KPOs and BPOs in the Philippines despite the investments they poured to Indian BPOs.

The language-proficient workforce has immersed themselves into the latest IT trends and is determined to meet the high expectation of the outsourcing market. With the guarantee of better rates and work quarters for workers, the Philippines cannot be far in taking the lead in the whole outsourcing business in Asia.

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