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Philippines and Its Giant IT BPO Outsourcing Industry

By Rigil Lumingkit
May 25, 2010

The IT BPO outsourcing industry of the Philippines has definitely emerged into new heights. The Philippines, along with 2 other Asian countries --- India and China, are now the top BPO companies providers in the globe. There is already an impressive number of global companies as well as entrepreneurs who prefer to have their outsourcing businesses in these countries since labor expense is way cheaper than the Western BPO counterparts. Also a huge component in attracting IT BPO outsourcing clients is that these countries offer workers that are capable to communicate effectively in the English language.

The Rise of the Philippines' Outsourcing Industry

With the rise of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, it may easily be said that the industry has kept the country alive amidst the tough economic times. Statistics as well as studies regarding the BPO industry in the country can clearly affirm to this. For instance, the analysis done by the U.S. State Department has shown that the Philippines' business process outsourcing has raised the credentials of the country in profound ways. It has done wonders to the Philippines' image despite the failing agriculture, tourism and exporting industries of the country.

In 2008 alone, the whole Philippine BPO providers has generated almost $6 billion in revenues. This is 26% higher from the revenues made in the year 2007. The growth has been unstoppable ever since, and the Philippine's IT BPO outsourcing industry keeps on attracting the attention of business partners around the globe.

Why Outsource in the Philippines

Among the numerous advantages of investing in the Philippines' BPO industry are the noticeable lower prices offered by the Philippine BPO providers. Since a lot of companies outsource their own jobs as a cost-saving device, the lower cost rates pitched by the offshore outsourcing destinations, especially in the Philippines, have become a truly attractive offer.

Another reason to eye Philippines as a BPO provider which has great potential is that the country has a wide pool of talents. BPO companies in the country offer highly-skilled professionals with expertise in various fields. These individuals are thoroughly trained in their line of expertise in order to meet the specific demands of clients; thus enabling the companies to focus on their particular business affairs.

The Filipino IT professionals have gained the reputation of being at par with the world’s best. From SEO specialists and content writers to software developers and web designers, the Filipinos are able to excel in a wide range of IT-related fields.

Also worth-noting is the Philippine’s high competency in English communication skills. Language and culture barriers may be the least problems posed to the potential clients and business partners since Filipinos are flexible enough to meet the differences. It helps that the English language is widely-spoken in the country. In addition, Filipino IT professionals have been well-acquainted with Western lifestyle and trends.

Although the Philippines is reputed to be a third-world country, it still does not shy away from taking the global outsourcing business in storm. With the remarkable traits possessed by its own professional workers, the Philippine BPO providers has become marketable and a big contender in the whole global business industry.

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