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Philippines Providing Superior Outsource Medical Transcription

By Tarhata Estacaan, The Hubport Group
October 6, 2009
The growth in healthcare companies and facilities has also required the services of outsource medical transcription from other countries to cover the fast accumulation of medical records. The BPO offshore outsourcing industry has also upgraded their services since many have included medical transcription to provide transcription support to hospitals, medical practitioners, doctors, laboratories, and health care firms.

Transcription jobs that are sourced from a BPO service provider ensures clients of better output, fast results and accurate work in transcribing audio records into written form. The Philippines, for one, has been supplying topnotch outsource medical transcription to organizations in developed countries all over the world. With an English-proficient workforce, and highly capable MT professionals, medical organizations are guaranteed to get only the best output from the country’s transcription companies.

The accumulation of patient records can be solved when organizations decide to outsource medical transcription from a BPO offshore outsourcing firm. Different branches of medicine are covered by medical transcriptionists such as diagnostics, orthopedic, dermatology, psychology, neurology and cardiology. These professionals have intensive trainings in the various specialties and practices in medicine so they know how to convert medical jargon into writing.

Transcribed data are stored in electronic archives and this is preferred by medical organizations. Thus, the idea of outsourcing services for medical transcription is a feasible idea. Patient information can be accessed easily and at all times.

The trouble of hiring competent personnel to transcribe data from various fields of medicine can be called a thing of the past. For most companies, a BPO offshore outsourcing firm can provide all kinds of office support in non-core areas of operations. Aside from that, the low cost of labor provides an option for companies that are keen in cutting back their cost. Contemporary medical firms are given more leeway in terms of building infrastructure, employee maintenance and management issues.

When there is a bulk of patient records to be converted into readable files, processing of these records may prove to be difficult. Thus, without ready manpower to do these tasks, a company can resort to outsource medical transcription from BPO offshore outsourcing. This will help the organization or a business to run efficiently. Transcribed information can be delivered promptly by MT professionals with high quality output and speed.

Transcription companies are committed to provide thorough screening of outputs by editors and proofreaders. So, before the final output is brought to the client, products are to pass quality control to be free from errors.

So when healthcare companies and medical practitioners are burdened in coping with the bulk of raw information on their patients, they can turn to offshore firms to provide appropriate recording support. The imperative to give the responsibility of transcription to BPO offshore outsourcing has finally been proven to be an excellent means of managing business operations and decreasing total cost.


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