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Philippines: More Than Just A Tourist Destination

Jen Cagadas, Hubport Group
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
The Philippines hosts a number of extraordinary treasures – a rich biodiversity, a colorful culture, and a number of world-class tourist spots, including pristine beaches and untouched landscapes. But above all of this, the Filipino people are probably its most precious possession.

The country is currently reaping millions of dollars in revenue, all thanks to its huge pool of able-bodied and able-minded workers. Business process outsourcing, which has become a worldwide industrial phenomenon, has recently found a home in the country’s fertile environment, giving foreigners one more reason to take a second look at the humble archipelago.

The innately Filipino characteristics of hospitability, flexibility and ingenuity have recently made the citizens of this country the most valuable commodity in commerce. Because of their diverse influences and profuse talents, they are now recognized as viable candidates for providing business process outsourcing services. Business process outsourcing is currently being herald as the most cost-effective and practical approach to commerce, especially during this time of economic crisis. Offering the maintenance of usual business procedures at marked down costs; business process outsourcing give companies the chance to cope up with the depression.

The country’s cities were used to be known for their specific offerings of native delicacies; dive, surf and sporting sites; and their fine, white sand coastline, luxurious resorts and spas. But now, some are also identified by their booming BPO industry. Cebu, for instance, hosts a number of BPO firms, providing voice-related customer assistance to foreign conglomerates, as well as seo website development and medical transcription. Davao, is another summer city that’s not only harboring the tallest mountain in the country, but a profuse number of call centers and website outsourcing service firms. In spite of the rumored slowdown, there is great hope that the local industry will continue to excel, growing at a rate of 20-25% for 2009.

Since the introduction of BPO, the country has successfully employed about 300, 000 people at the beginning of this year. With its growth, there will most likely be an avalanche of available positions to fill, adequately accommodating graduating professionals and those that are in between. By 2010, the country expects to increase its manpower absorption to 900, 000 and reap a total of $13 billion. It cannot be denied that business process outsourcing services have done well to improve the condition of foreign economies and ours as well. Hence, it makes every sense to continually enrich the industry through training and marketing, which Philippine authorities have adamantly done during the past years.

Last 2006, P26 billion was allotted to fund the government’s Cyber Corridor program and has encouraged several foreign diplomats to invest in the country’s BPO industry. In fact, just this September, the government wooed Czech businessmen to avail of Philippine business process outsourcing services. In addition to this, the government continues to exempt foreign investors from expensive taxes and now sponsors vocational trainings for medical transcription and customer reception to better its available manpower. It has also given budget to the creation of telecommunication towers and has proposed the creation of a Department for Information and Communication Technology, to monitor the IT and BPO industry.

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