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Philippine Outsourcing: Quality IT Services at an Affordable Price

By Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
October 8, 2009
There has been a significant change in the way information technology is applied in our daily lives. And as much as we try to meet the edges and clear the path, the clutter of our insufficiencies and lack of exposure will always delay our productivity. If ever your work is overrun by IT-related processes, then there is a need for you to resolve this shortcoming in order to become a more effective professional. But if in case it proves too much for you to handle, you can always turn to an IT outsourcing provider to supply you skilled manpower to address things. Commissioning an offshore outsourcing firm that provide IT services have long been an alternative option for entrepreneurs and companies. Given an outpouring amount of IT concerns that need regular attention and resolution, it is only natural that people seek the assistance of other people, more learned and experience in dealing with IT problems. IT consulting services outsourcing give businesses and businessmen a fighting chance in keeping up with commercial development while staying boxed in a prescribed budget.

Quality IT services at an affordable price - this is what most IT outsourcing providers grant their investors. And the aid that foreign business entities get are often times, higher in standard and cheaper in rate than what most locally available experts have to offer. Undoubtedly, this is IT outsourcing’s greatest advantage.

Since most companies are required to accommodate usual business processes with a tighter budget, it is only practical that they avail of an offshore outsource solution whenever it is called for. With the looming financial crisis, its ability to add more value to money and cut down total expenditures by 30% is what keeps the outsourcing option viable up until today. But this advantage varies depending on the outsourcing country and, above that, the outsourcing firm you contact. See, not everyone who provides IT outsourcing services showcase the same degree of proficiency and submit the same quantity of outputs. More than this, not all who furnish offshore outsource solutions can entertain customers in the same manner. There are those who are not well adapted to foreign customs and foreign languages.

Now this is where the Philippine outsourced IT experts get their edge. Not only are they adequately learned, trained and equipped for any IT task you would want to be worked out, they are also quite capable of adjusting to the habits and ethics of foreign contacts and have excellent oral and written English. Because of this, they are more competent in corresponding and coordinating with clients for assignments and reports. They are able to meet the exact demands of their foreign associates and misunderstandings are minimized.

The outsourcing industry has significantly grown. Last year, about 200 companies partnered with offshore outsourcing companies for their business processes. This year, that number has increased by 24%, with IT consulting services outsourcing taking a bigger piece of the pie. The Philippines is one of the well-known nations that offer remarkable IT offshore outsource solution. And as of today, it continues to open its doors for outsourcing expansion, maintaining continuous skills and management enhancement for future IT and outsourcing developments.


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