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Philippine Outsourcing: Keeping Economies Alive

Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Friday, December 11, 2009

Business process outsourcing holds a lot of promise for the future of companies worldwide. Thatís why itís greatly patronized by different industries, whether or not they are situated in economically struggling countries. The United States has been one of the major followers of this practice, more so now that it is dealing with a financial depression. Given the lack of circulating funds, most businesses today grow inclined to the procurement of business process outsourcing services, in order to support their usual operations.

BPO services such as ecommerce web development and search engine optimization help out a lot in keeping small and medium enterprises from getting covered up big conglomerates. See, these start-up companies have less resources to use to cover up any lacks in their system. But through outsourcing, they are able to answer their needs without having to expend much of their financial plan.

Outsourcing provides the best IT manpower and services to be applied for important non-core operations. They help push the growth and continued existence of small companies and encourage ongoing competition between them. The persistence of constant push and pull in market elements ensures that the blood nourishing economies continues to flow. Thus, securing life despite ill conditions. Business process outsourcing then, works like a shot epinephrine, that allows the ailing heart to pump life towards the millions of business cell units in the world.

As of now, there are hundred of outsourcing facilities scattered all around the globe, most of which in the Asian region. Asian countries such as India, China, Malaysia and the Philippines pioneer in providing excellent business process outsourcing services to mostly American, European and Australian companies.

In light of its cost-effectiveness, plenty have been hooked to availing of offshore outsourced services. Not only do they complement the times but have in fact effectively responded to the demands of commerce. And since the propagation of talent was never a steady ratio, BPO served as tool to harnessing the potential of different people in different places. Asia, for example, houses some of the finest technicians and IT specialists and above that, the biggest names in technology like Sony and Samsung. Hence, it's citizenry can be trusted to play a role in maintaining IT-run business operations.

The Philippines is known to be one of the premier outsourcing destinations in Asia. With highly literate and proficient English speaking professionals, foreign investors need not to worry about miscommunication or their projects suffering major lapses. Filipino outsourced manpower are quick to understand and can properly convey their message without confusing the other party . Usually, it is this part of outsourcing non-core operations that concern multinational conglomerates. Miscommunication often leads to misunderstandings and this is one of the greatest threats to a partnership, whether personal or business. Filipinos are also well adept to foreign culture, as is reflected by their long years of colonialism. They know just how to interact with people, accommodating the difference in culture and mannerism. Filipinos are innately hospitable, and they show respect for authority. They are also determined learners, passionate workers and have shown prowess in a leadership positions Ė traits which foreign conglomerates can take advantage of.

In this day and age, businesses need to look past the price tag of business process outsourcing services and look straight into the qualities of their providers. Cheapness can only do so much at uplifting economies. Outsourcing can be a lucrative and beneficial experience if done right. It only takes the right contacts to preserve fruitful business dynamics for a very long time.

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