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Philippine IT Outsourcing: Getting Your Hands on Everything

By Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
October 8, 2009
What was once thought as an unlikely undertaking now ranks highly as a lucrative business opportunity. Outsourcing, which provides foreign companies access to several specialized services that meet their specific needs, currently supplies a big percentage of jobs among different countries across the globe.

Now, IT outsourcing providers take about 28% of the bulk of outsourced services; trumping the fields of human resource, sales and marketing, financial and administrative outsourcing. If anything, this indicates how central information technology is in the field of commerce and how promising it is as an income generator, in terms of providing multifaceted offshore outsource solutions to multinational companies. According to some experts, IT outsourcing will continue to receive a bigger stream of demand by 2010. This comes as no surprise since most business today are looking for more cost-effective measures to continue their respective business processes.

Previously, countries like India and China have governed the outsourcing scene. However, with impressive IT background and enrichment, the Philippine IT outsourcing has now strongly proven itself as a bankable industry. The local outsourcing business shows outstanding prowess in affording foreign companies IT assistance. In fact, this year, the Philippine IT consulting services outsourcing is credited with about 6.9% of the total $373 billion of global outsourcing’s projected revenue. According to XMG Global, a Canada-based research company, the country as an IT outsourcing provider, will continue on to welcome a 21.7% augmentation in outsourcing profits by the end of this year. And there are plenty more who believe that it will carry on attracting investors and raising the bars of excellence in outsourcing services.

The offshore outsource solution services local specialists offer, not only benchmarks quality but congruency between demand and output. The Philippine IT talent pool is not only able to match the work requirements of foreign employers but also complement their ethics, style and culture. Filipinos, as tested, are prolific English speakers and are more familiar to foreign customs than other outsourcing countries. Their history of colonization lends proof to the fact that they are well-adapted to several ethnicities. In addition, Filipinos are also literate in the field of information technology and have continued to advance themselves, growing more familiar with important IT tools and techniques. This ensures interested parties that they get the best IT outsourcing service from the Philippine outsourcing firm they associate with.

Now, the reason behind the growing popularity of outsourcing is it grants better financial management. As such, outsourcing allows companies to have greater productivity at a much lesser expense. It rids struggling corporations of retrenching and retraining hassles and ensures them of professional services at more economic rates. Given the global financial crisis we are experiencing, outsourcing serves as a cost-effective option for companies in sustaining operations with the use of skilled workers.

In addition to this, outsourcing also affords better business control. Although it does entail dissemination of specific tasks to firms outside the country, power is still pretty much kept in the hands of executives that commission the offshore outsource solution service. With better control over different business processes, corporations are more assured of work efficiency.

As we all know, the greatest manifestation of power is control. And more often than not, control is tantamount to success. People who are able to exhibit prowess in controlling factors that surround them, more ably pursue their tasks and meet their goals. But control can only be achieved with proper supervision; something that is hard to come by given a chaotic stream of responsibilities. With outsourcing, you will be able to effectively manage your company responsibilities. And with Philippine IT consulting services outsourcing, you can also guarantee your getting the most out of your money.


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