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Philippine BPO: Voice and Non-Voice Service

By Aron Duhaylungsod, Hubport Group
Friday November 27, 2009
In light of recent global economic problems and recession, companies and businesses are turning more to BPO. This practice will naturally grow as many companies will benefit from availing of BPO services.

BPO services can be classified into two: the voice and non-voice. Voice-based service is more commonly known as Call Centers. Voice-based service can be categorized into outbound and inbound calls. An outbound call is where the call center agents call the customer, while an inbound call is when the customers call the call center agents.

Non-voice services include ecommerce website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and transcription and legal services. Ecommerce website design displays your company in the World Wide Web.

Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing strategy wherein, it improves the quality of traffic to a web site from a search engine. Through this more visitors will come to the client company’s site, therefore increasing its chances of getting new customers.

Transcription and legal services allows its clients to call and speak up, the speech is then transcribed to text. Legal services refer to the availing of legal services of professionals such as lawyers online.

Voice-based services still compose the largest part in Philippine BPO industry. With over 700 call centers over 20 locations in key cities and municipalities. Call center services are customer oriented services, because they relate with the customer in one way or another.

Customers are the lifeblood of any company; any fault in a service or product may result in a loss of a customer. The tone and customs of the professional call center agents in the Philippines is very much customer-service-oriented. Filipinos are also known for their superior work ethics and their ability of adapting to different cultures, enabling them to better communicate with the customers.

The Philippine government is very supportive of the growth of the BPO industry by providing incentives to foreign investors to invest in the country. As a result, buildings that house BPO services are world class and provide a more conducive environment. With world-class manpower and infrastructures, the Philippines will continue to be a powerhouse in the BPO industry.

Non-voice BPO services in the Philippines is now catching up with the voice based services. Filipino talent is now being recognized as big companies such as Warner Brothers and Marvel have established offices in the Philippines. Filipino ecommerce web designers are also equipped and well-familiar with the latest IT technologies and the fact that they can converse well in English makes them a favorite of clients among the competition.

Employment in the Philippine BPO industry is stiff because of the large population. A college graduate in the country is not even guaranteed to land a job among these companies, since education in the Philippines is affordable. They will be competing with a fellow graduate for a position in the BPO industry. BPO companies benefit from such abundance of graduates and professionals. Through screening and training they will surely be able to get the cream of the crop among the applicants, thus improving the quality of their manpower.

The quality of BPO services and manpower in the Philippines has drastically improved during the past years. More and more professionals are flocking to BPO companies not only because it rewards them with good pay but there is also a room for growth in these companies. If this trend is going to continue, Philippines will become one of the power players in the BPO industry.

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