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Outsourcing Solutions Featuring Medical Transcription

By Jenny Cagadas, The Hubport Group
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Call centers have dominated the outsourcing scene in the Philippines. And as much as we try to divert the term Business Process Outsourcing from the image of a contact center, it still remains that these establishments are the long-standing representations of the industry. Well, this is not surprising since call centers have become core businesses in the country. Not only has it generated outstanding sums of revenue, it has also improved the local economy and provided numerous job opportunities for the number of unemployed individuals. But on should take note that BPO offshore outsourcing not only pertains to voice-based customer assistance for big companies such as America Online or Expedia. It encompasses a broad range of services, including web designing, web development, search engine optimization, copywriting, and transcription.

The Philippines has been rising in the ranks as a BPO service provider because of its talented and English proficient talent pool, who ably transcends the tenured reputation of other outsourced workforce from India and China. Because of a high literacy rate and a notable background in the field of transcription, plenty of medical institutions have solicited the help of Filipino transcriptionists in transforming audio files into texts. Filipino transcriptionists are quite familiar with medical terms and procedures because most of those being hired are graduates of medically-related courses such as nursing. As such, they do not find difficulty in relating to the information being relayed and are less likely to commit errors in transcribing. On the average, 30,000 medical professionals graduate each year, and a great percentage of that is absorbed in the transcription field because of the lack of vacancies in their principle discipline.

Aside from this, Filipino transcriptionists also undergo extensive training to make them more efficient. They are subjected to tasks that develop their typing and listening skills, before they are deployed, so that they become more productive during a project. The country actually hosts several medical transcription academies that aim to produce medical transcription professionals to address the growing demand for that service.

In addition to this, Philippine BPO offshore outsourcing services are usually less expensive than other outsourcing countries. This means that you get to save on a few dollars while getting excellent outsourced assistance for your company processes. If anything, the Philippine outsourcing option gives you the opportunity to act on a smart business transaction.

In light of this, foreign investors can trust that they are getting the best quality service out of the countryís outsourced medical transcription. Not only are they provided learned and capable staff; they are also assured of accurate and fast delivery of outputs. The Filipinos are well known for being adaptable and accommodating. Thatís why they do their best to please their customers. In times when you would want to ensure the cost effectiveness of your business ventures, itíd be a wise choice to consult a Philippine BPO service provider for your medical transcription needs. Line yourself with one that can furnish you all your needs at a price you can afford.


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