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Outsourcing: A Band-Aid Solution or a Prescribed Remedy?

By Jenny Cagadas, The Hubport Group
Thursday, October 22, 2009
Business process outsourcing was brought to life in the wake of a tragic global economic decline. And while most foresaw this circumstance as the be all and end all of their business life, there were those who found a new way of handling the misfortune and turning it into a golden opportunity. How, you ask?

Well, we all know that setting up a business is tough, especially online, right? But whatís even tougher is maintaining it. There are more than a million e-businesses found in the internet today. And hundreds of them cater to almost the same market and audience. Competition is incredibly stiff in this medium thatís why most players find it hard to keep up. However, there are still plenty of individuals who brave the world of online entrepreneurship for the chance of hitting big.

Now isnít this strange considering the financial difficulties that had derailed us the past is still present and strongly felt today? To some extent, this can be credited to manís innate hunger for success. But for the most part, this audacity can be attributed to the availability of offshore outsourcing providers that grant commercial assistance to e-businesses worldwide.

BPO may have served as a band-aid solution for companies before, with all those sudden retrenchments and collapses. But now, as its advantages are brought into light, business process outsourcing has triumphantly established itself as something more than just an alternative.

Yes. The acquisition of BPO services is not anymore seen as a sign of desperation. When you avail of a business process outsourcing solution, this does not denote that you are struggling to run your company right with limited resources.

BPO is now actually perceived as an innovative way for you to maintain your businesses within a specific operational budget, without compromising set standards pertaining to quality and quantity. You can go ahead and launch your web-based business and have external manpower as staff, to perform ecommerce website development for you. You can hire outsourced IT specialists to optimize your site and make it rank. With all things considered, it is just to say that BPO has transcended the alternative title and evolved into a prescribed remedy and practice in ecommerce.

Given such applicability, there are plenty of countries today that offer business process outsourcing solutions for a fee. The Philippines is just one those who have captured the favor of foreign corporations and tycoons. Ranking third in the outsourcing list, the country currently claims 15 percent of this yearís outsourced contracts. At present, it hosts a number of huge multinational companies such as AOL, in addition to outsourcing firms that provide business-related services, including transcription, customer assistance, ecommerce web development, web design and copywriting. In the years to come, it is predicted to receive a flood of commissions as improvements are imposed on the industry.

Though plenty of people still doubt the viability of business process outsourcing, it is clear to see that there is nothing today that can compare to the aid it can provide businesses. And because of this, perhaps, BPO may remain to be a steadily functioning industry, much like telecommunications or health care.


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