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Low-Cost Outsource Medical Transcription from the Philippines

by Tara Estacaan, The Hubport Group
September 27, 2009
Philippine companies that are engaged in BPO offshore outsourcing have manpower that is capable of superior services for outsource medical transcription. Jobs outsourced from the Philippines assure companies of being supplied with well-trained medical transcription professionals with high accuracy. These trained professionals are knowledgeable in the processes of medical transcription as well as the proper handling of information that have been converted from audio data. There are editors and proofreaders as well, that provide a review of all work to ensure that the output is error-free.

Medical transcription tasks that are outsourced to the Philippines can provide more benefits to health care companies and medical practitioners. The country prides itself of English-speaking pool of professionals for outsource medical transcription. Those who want to get speedy claims on health benefits from health care and insurance companies can use the medical records promptly provided by experts in medical transcription.

Electronic storing of transcribed data makes it possible for healthcare professionals to access records from anywhere in the world. Thus, patients can get appropriate advice from the doctor through the access to medical records from servers.

BPO offshore outsourcing in the Philippines can provide outsource medical transcription to other companies, clinics, organizations and individual practitioners in the medical field. When a business needs to run efficiently, some office processes can get better results when they are outsourced. In the medical field, processing of patient records, lab results and reports may take time to do. This will prevent the business to run slowly since transcription of audio files is time-consuming.

The solution to this is to give the task to a BPO service provider that will be responsible for providing the prompt delivery of transcribed data. The health care or insurance business then, can fully concentrate in doing its core services because BPO offshore outsourcing can provide the right outsource medical transcription to support the organization.

Medical workers, hospitals, and companies that choose to outsource medical transcription can assume the benefits of low-cost work, superior results and fast delivery of output. Aside from these, those who hire the services of a BPO service provider can do away with more expenses like infrastructure and employee upkeep.

Several specialties in medical transcription include dental, neurology, radiology, orthopedic, and gynecology, to name a few. These areas generally need to be serviced by outsource medical transcription companies since not many are skilled in transcribing voice records into written data. Laboratory reports, physical examinations, evaluations, autopsy reports and clinic notes must be converted from audio file to be included in the medical records and reports.

From non-core processes emerges the prospect of a better market for the Philippine BPO offshore outsourcing. Hence, the English-proficient workforce is rising to meet the demand for experts in the medical transcription industry through intensive trainings. As the attention shifts to developing countries to source out cheap office support, the country’s cheap medical transcription services becomes a good choice for cost-conscious companies.


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