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Job Opportunities that BPO Offers

Angelie Torrecampo

Thursday, June 10,2010

Outsourcing proved its effectiveness and credibility in terms of providing manpower even when an industry needs save money and other resources. This is why BPO companies today are more popular that than the companies they actually serve. Multinational companies avail of offshore outsourcing to cut back on expenses. They typically outsource IT services to other countries, such as India and the Philippines, to have less production costing without compromising the quality of outputs. Through outsourcing, companies can concentrate on their main field of expertise instead of doing different fields of work at a time. A BPO specialist is responsible for handling BPO-related projects and assigns task to field experts depending on the needs of the client. BPO is often categorized into back office and front office. Back office functions include human resources, and finance and accounting, while front office outsourcing involves customer-related services.

The establishment of Philippine BPO providers is undeniably rapid year by year and they grow more in numbers to the point that they have out-shadowed India as the most outsourced country. In fact, in 2009, the country received the Top Outsourcing Destination title by the National Outsourcing Association. As observed in the Philippines, being a call center agent is the most popular sought after job, especially when one is looking for a big salary.

One of the advantages that the Philippines has over other offshore outsourcing countries is its estimated literacy of 97%. Filipinos can speak English fluently like native English speakers do. Also, they are not like robots who just read a script. They answer the clients' need practically through their initiative. Nonetheless, the latest growth spurt in the country's outsourcing industry doesn't just come from these call centers but also from the higher IT jobs like web development, software engineering, medical transcriptions, legal services, animations, and other IT-related services, that the country’s manpower can provide.

As a form of advertisement, IT business offshore web developers because they are not really included on the main function of the business. Instead, they exist for the purpose of commercialism. They need these developers for their business to be known worldwide – that is through the internet. Through this medium, customers will not anymore find it too difficult to locate and contact businesses that can provide their needs. Through a few clicks, business web sites will be available for viewing. However, for their websites to be on the top search of Internet search engines like Yahoo and Google, they must also have a high page rank. Search Engine Optimizers are the people who are responsible in increasing a web site's page rank. This job may include content writing (such as blogging and article writing) and link building, which is the promotion of a site to other sites by commenting in blogs, question and answer sites, online forum discussions and bookmarking the site to social bookmarking sites. Offshoring multimedia designers are also a part in outsourcing web developers. They are the ones who assist the web developers. They use visual effects on web sites to make it more attractive and catchy. These jobs are usually outsourced in third world countries like India and the Philippines, which are competing in BPO services.

BPO job opportunities are now stretching from one field expertise to another. This only proves that outsourcing is in progress for higher kinds of job specializations. This helps poor countries to climb from the high rate of unemployment. Moreover, this motivates them to expand and concentrate and focus on one type of IT profession.

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