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Inject Enthusiasm Into Your Business Through Philippine BPO

By Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Friday, December 04, 2009
IThe accessibility and connectivity that the internet has provided made it possible for BPO firms and consumers from different parts of the world to engage in service exchanges; this, either to meet their production quota or facilitate particular business operations. Through the internet, companies located in the United States or Europe, were able to solicit the help they need from BPO firms in other parts of the world with less effort and above, all at less expense. Because of the financial decline, most businesses have been very strict in regulating their operation expenses. As a result, they have resorted to more cost-efficient business means; shipping responsibilities half way around the world. This is one of the factors that helped predetermined Asia, particularly the Philippines, as a preferable outsourcing destination.

Yes, the labor is cheap here. And thereís so much idle manpower to use. But the countryís qualifications as a reliable BPO service provider do not end at the price tag. Aside from those mentioned, another advantage Filipino outsourced staff possess over competitors is their capacity to confidently use the English language. Indeed, countries such as China, India and Malaysia also have competent workers to share with the rest of the world. However, they are not as well versed in English and well exposed to foreign culture as Filipinos are. And this makes them more of a challenge to deal with. Filipinos underwent years of American and European colonization, and have pretty much imbibed the language and culture in their lives.

However, above all of this, what makes the Philippines rank higher than other Asian-based BPO providers, in terms of outsourcing, is their innate enthusiasm. As what has been observed, the country has not held back in showing its optimism towards the industry. After all, it has been a strong economic reinforcer during these troubled times.

The Philippine government has not failed in welcoming business process outsourcing the first it was rerouted to its shores. Itís been very diligent at opening doors for investors and generous at offering them business deals and discounts. It has cleared areas to build towering call centers and firms that cater related BPO services. It had encouraged major cities to play host to foreign BPO clients and companies. It has also dedicated thousands of graduates to answer the rising demands for skilled business process outsourcing workers. To add, the government has even allotted millions to fund the development of related studies. Infrastructures were made to improve BPO systems. Scholarships were granted to train workers for medical transcription, search engine optimization and ecommerce website development. The country has made it a priority to satisfy their customers and they have done a good job at it so far.

When it comes to customer experience, Philippine business process outsourcing services has strongly implied its superiority, in terms of hospitality, affinity to foreign culture and its strong desire for excellence. If its history ever proved anything, itís that Filipinos always aim to surpassing obstacles and win against all odds. Hence, interested parties can trust that the Filipino outsourced staff they hire will do its best at delivering requested output.

Filipinos are innately IT inclined and are able to deliver quality outputs pertaining to web designing, as well software development and maintenance, to name a few. With such overflowing potential, itís hard to miss the Philippines role in promoting and preserving business process outsourcing. But as with any investment, a patron should not take anyoneís word for it. Just like in buying a mobile phone or desktop, a consumer should make it a point to test the equipment first before he or she buys. Most Philippine BPO firms offer trial periods for clients to gauge how well their chosen partner complements their needs.

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