Hubport Welcomes New Leadership
Author: Jenny Cagadas

Gregorio R. Candelario was hired as the Operation Director last October of 2009 by Hubport Interactive, and tasked to supervise all incoming and outgoing transactions concerning the company. His main responsibilities included deciding how to handle new and existing clients and projects and also managing the entire function of all the working departments in the company.

Greg has worked in numerous office environments in the Philippines and around the world, for which he became an eligible candidate for the vacant position. He has accumulated a total working experience of over 25 years, during which, he worked as a programmer in Franklin Baker Philippines and as a computer analyst for a foreign corporation. He served a total of 10 years for Franklin Baker, which is one of the pioneer manufacturer and exporter of desiccated, processed and specialty coconut products in the U.S. and international markets. Greg later moved on to apply for a job in the multinational company J.Ray McDermott in Jebel Ali Dubai as a computer analyst. And there he worked until late 2008, when he was already the Project Manager of the Information Technology department.

During his 25 years of experience, Greg has aspired to always do his best in whatever he does. He believes in the bible verse in Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”. His principle “do things right the first time, all the time” has made him the noble man that he is today. He constantly encourages and inspires his fellow employees to follow this method of thinking in order to succeed in whatever trials in life.

While working as the Director in Hubport Interactive, Greg applied his beliefs. He quickly changed how the management system works; this by making its processes more efficient for the company. He made sure that every employee is doing their fair share of work by having them report to him regularly. He also ascertained that company personnel are working to their optimum abilities by having their previous work-related apparatus upgraded to the best hardware the company can afford. He has also transformed how the company gives promotions to its employees, giving greater work incentive and boosting morale. He works in a way that he always includes God in his plans and strives for the benefit of the whole company.

In its 12 years of existence, Hubport has experienced several reigns. But in the short span of time he has sat down as Operation Manager, Greg has made leaps and covered miles over his predecessors. With the way things are going, the future looks bright for the company. And with hopeful hearts, Hubport welcomes his new leadership.