Hubport Thanksgiving: Spirits Rejoice With the Closing of another Year
Author: Jenny Cagadas

Much has been said and done over the past months; most of which brought the team new and unfounded challenges. But as things unraveled, everyone discovered that there is hope behind severed ties. This was what Hubport celebrated last December 20, 2009 at Eagles Ridge Resort.

It was a time to rejoice in the presence of colleagues that made the whole year meaningful. It was the moment to recollect past successes and failures and celebrate triumph against adversity. Most of all, it was the time to give thanksgiving for all the that had happened in 2009, and for all that will happen in 2010.

The Thanksgiving Party was an overnight event that commenced at 9 in the morning, with games and raffles that allowed every attendee to enjoy. After an interlude of a sumptuous feast, an awarding ceremony was held to give merit to those who had made commendable work performances for the month. In addition, participants also took part in an exchange gift activity, which was a traditional practice during the Christmas season. As the day neared its end, everyone then geared up for a night of merriment; donning their best outfits and brightest smiles.

Overall, the affair was a huge success. But it would have not been so without the generosity of Hubport's CEO and CFO, Mr. Chito and Rachel Lucero, as well as the willing and whole-hearted involvement of Hubport’s various departments.

Colorful as 2009 was; it is most certain that 2010 holds more curious and thought-provoking tests. However, with eager hearts and open minds, spirits still rejoice with the closing and coming of another year.