Hubport Receives Visit from American Entrepreneur
Author: Hubport Group

Twelve years of involvement has made Hubport a notable figure in the BPO industry. So much so that it has attracted the attention of several US businessmen, including Andy Hicks, a big time entrepreneur from the United States.

Andy Hicks is the proprietor of Hix, a company which specializes in orthodontics technology. Gaining much success from his main business, his expansion foresight now involves immersing into the profitable IT outsourcing industry, with an experienced outsourcing corporation as partner.

During his trip to the country, Andy spent his time scouting for affiliates in IT consultation and support. He toured the Philippine’s main cities to check facilities and personnel and finally ended his journey in Davao to get oriented to Hubport’s services and meet up with its key staff.

With the help of administrators, Mr. Chito Lucero and Paulo Saravia, and operations representatives headed by Mr. Greg Candelario Jr., Andy was given a complete overview of the services of the company. The meeting proved to be promising as Hicks expressed his interest in building ties with the prestigious Philippine outsourcing provider.

This is one affirmation that the country is indeed, a credible and competitive outsourcing destination. With further interests routed our way, it won’t be long before we become a domineering presence in business process outsourcing scene.