Hubport Celebrates Summer Underwater
Author: Jenny Cagadas

Summer could not have been more exciting with the prospect of a company sponsored island hopping activity around the Island Garden City of Samal. But this idea was topped off last May 8, 2010, with Hubport Interactiveís first ever all-expense paid group S.C.U.B.A diving trip.

In the spirit of fun and camaraderie, Hubport administrators and employees gathered together for a Saturday beach retreat, which included a trip around IGaCoS, beachside barbeque and lunch, and a free underwater adventure, guided by Davao Scuba Club veteran divers. The meeting place was Magsaysay Wharf and the circle time was around 8:00 in the morning.

Executives from different departments, as well as project coordinators, had the privilege of getting the first shot at the deep sea exploit. Geared with a diving mask and a self contained underwater breathing apparatus, people at groups of four were allowed to explore the beautiful coral gardens of Talikod Island, Samal. It was an awe-inspiring experience as spectators were made to witness nature's bounty and the grace with which the creator has gifted them.

Samal hosts a 150 hectar Coral Garden and Marine Reservation Park thatís abundantly filled with diversified flora and fauna. It serves as sanctuary to 250 species of fish, as well as 53 out of 73 genre of corals and 9 out of 13 species of sea grass. Along with its white sand beaches and azure waters, Samal was truly a paradise to behold. And Hubport employees were more than glad to be able to spend one whole day in its vicinity, resting and relaxing.