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How To Choose An IT Outsourcing Provider

By Tara Estacaan, The Hubport Group
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
When time calls for innovative ways to tackle your business, an outsource solution can be the best choice for your company. However, choosing the right one to provide you with quality deliveries can become a great concern. Your organization can choose an IT outsourcing provider to meet your business goals. But first, you have to make your own definition of how you want the final result. If you are planning to acquire outsourcing services from offshore BPOs you need to define your expectations first.

This will also make the provider to structure themselves to meet your expectations and you both reach a win-win spot. Know how to get the best partners that will fit your organization and achieve your purposes. The following guidelines can give you some hint:

Inquire from relevant sources

It would help to ask for some references from the prospective offshore partner you want to consider. These references will point to you how effective the company is, and get more information on how they conduct customer support services. You can also get an idea how the potential offshore provider deals with deadlines for deliveries. References will give you feedback on the quality of the offshore IT outsourcing provider.

Know the business goals of the offshore outsourcing provider

You want to look for a company with goals that will fit with your expectations. The business aims of an offshore BPO provider should match your company’s vision. Make the outsourcing partner understand your business objectives so that you can both settle on a decision where you can rally together halfway. This aspect will also guide you to decide if a company is the right partner for your outsourcing needs.

Prove the financial stability of your outsourcing partner

The prospective partner must have enough financial capacity to carry out the tasks that are outsourced to them. A financially-secure outsourcing company is the best pick since it has a pool of managers and workers with good credentials.

Pay a visit to the workplace

When you are planning to outsource a bulk of jobs, it would also have an ocular inspection of the place. This will help you give better evaluation on how their processes and methodologies are conducted. It will also help you assess if they have adequate teams to work on your project. This will enable you to get an actual picture of the hardware, infrastructure and people involved in outsourcing services. You may be spreading more risk in business if this aspect can be left unattended.

Assess compatibility of culture

Day to day interaction, as well as corporate and processes must have a common ground for results to become effective. There are cultures that cannot come to a rally point with each other. It is just proper to check on the culture of an outsourcing provider if it can match with your corporate expectation. A poor cultural fit may be disastrous to your investments. Compatibility breeds success and two organization needing to work together must rise above this offshoring challenge.


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