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Firms Yielding To Knowledge Process Outsourcing

By Tara Estacaan, The Hubport Group
October 16, 2009
Transnational corporations are turning to outsourcing to successfully stay in the competition. This initiative, however, is no longer confined to the big companies since small and medium organizations have also joined the flock that has realized the benefits of knowledge process outsourcing. To maintain a competitive edge in the market, a partnership with KPOs has become a good option for companies.

Though in the past, clients were apprehensive in yielding the control of core business assignments to KPO. Concerns like security of data and quality of end products being major concerns of client companies. The reputation built by outsourcing companies has established to others the advantages of sourcing high-end and market research tasks to KPOs.

Decision of many companies to obtain dedicated outsource staff from a certain destination lies on many factors. Accessibility of a BPO to a skilled work force, good communication skills, infrastructure, capacity for delivery, security of data issues, political strength and low pay can become the major attractions for outsourcing.

However, beneath all these factors lie the two most important elements: highly-competent dedicated outsource staff and lower fees for knowledge process outsourcing. These groups of dedicated outsource staff own primary intelligence and are keen on in-depth research with business analysis, qualities which are not easy to pool from other destinations.

While the United States is an acknowledged market that is largest among other clients, there are other countries that have followed the activity for knowledge process outsourcing such as Japan, as well as countries in Latin America and Europe. A demand for language experts has been in the surge since Scandinavia, Germany, France, and Spanish-speaking regions also required KPO support from destinations such as India and the Philippines.

Services of knowledge process outsourcing can include business analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and data mining, all of which fall to market research solutions for business operations. As corporations and SME’s choose to get support from a business process outsourcing provider, their source for manpower is definitely secured.

As the market for knowledge process outsourcing extends, a full demand of their services is expected in order to cater to more complex operations that require domain expertise. Thus, there will be a need for more personnel capable of providing quality deliveries. The KPO industry must learn to provide strong training tactics to come up with the shortage. In the same line, the industry should also provide noteworthy strategies in recruitment and retaining personnel since employee attrition is also projected.

In the effort to catch more of the outsourcing market, knowledge process outsourcing companies have been training their people with advanced technologies and giving their services at more competitive rates than before. Seen as a good option for most businesses to survive the devastating effects of the recession, dedicated outsource staff from BPO and KPO are thus, getting projects that are much more they can handle. As evidence of that, there was a visible expansion by local KPO firms and this also provided more opportunities for the skilled workforce who are all geared up to take the challenge.


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