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Finding Greater Value In Outsourcing

By Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Friday November 27, 2009
Outsourcing is a frequently used terminology in business; too much so that it has been thrown around like a common word. However, its significance in commerce cannot be negated. And although it may come across as something totally ordinary for some, or totally new for others; the impression business process outsourcing has left, has greatly and positively affected economies all around the world

Business process outsourcing services were first introduced to the public in light of a great financial depression. And because it can effectively maintain multi-faceted business processes without demanding too much financial support; BPO has become a main operational approach in most businesses. Offshore outsourcing has helped power players like the United States and Europe brave the storms of the global economic decline by allowing certain functions to be managed by external firms that require less capital. In relation to this, the Philippines is one of the many outsourcing countries who provide quality business process outsourcing services at affordable prices.

Now, although it still trails behind India in terms of the amount of investments it receives, the country is not that far behind in the superiority and value of the services it offers investors. Philippine BPO services such as medical transcription, ecommerce website development, search engine optimization, and customer assistance parallel those provided by veteran outsourcing providers and in some aspects, even surpass them. Filipinos are naturally diligent and competitive and these are reflected in their work.

Philippine outsourced employees usually have a basic payment equivalent to one-fifth of an average American or European office worker. But they can basically perform the same tasks and deliver the same amount of output. Now, the advantage of this is that foreign conglomerates are able to save more in compensating their staff. And in addition, they can even furnish generous benefits for them, without damaging their set financial plan. This is what primarily makes BPO commercially advantageous. It allows you to preserve the integrity of your company’s operations amidst grueling budget cutbacks.

However, economic experts are now finding greater value in the industry than just a means for survival. Perhaps, the greatest of which is the realization that a far more sophisticated and technologically-advanced commercial environment can be achieved if BPO is continuously applied. Because most BPO services are done with the use of high-tech gadgets and modern applications and tools; it is possible that in time, most business processes will be attainable without too much on-site physical labor.

Aside from that, the consistent practice of business process outsourcing would also mean an improvement in the state of available employment slots. This means that more job opportunities will accommodate a broader worker demographic, as well as demand a more advanced set of skills from them. This guarantees that the quality of workers outsourcing countries offer area constantly improving. This particular edge is better felt by those who provide business process outsourcing services. Since they can maximize their resources and consequently boost up their economic conditions, they are more capable of preserving themselves.

In comparison to Indian and Chinese outsourced personnel, Filipinos have the several cultural similarities with BPO investing countries, thus, allowing them to relate easier with clientele and establish appropriate conversations. Furthermore, Filipinos have high literacy rates. They are fast learners and pretty much derive solutions at will. Also, they are very well adapted to the use of the English language and are comprehensible whether through written or oral exchange. So the risk of miscommunications is lessened if they are involved. The Filipino outsourced manpower currently stands as a symbol of BPO’s incredible potential. And if you are looking to find greater value in outsourcing, it might be best to direct your attention to this neophyte business process outsourcing titan.

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