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Filipino Manpower Raising The Standards Of Outsourcing

By Jenny Cagadas, The Hubport Group
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Ever since its introduction to commerce, business process outsourcing has caused several significant transformations in the way people handle and maintain business operations. And if we look back, weíll find that it is through BPO that companies were able to make good use of the division of labor principle in salvaging whatever the economic storm has left them to save.

BPO does well at bringing out the best in companies and people. And more than that, it is of great help in terms of boosting profits. If one can recall, it was not so long ago when this business method was solely applied in manufacturing. Now, after being recognized as a legitimate substitute for conventional business approaches; BPO is found in many other forms of trade. And through its advantageous qualities, BPO has become a predominant source of relief for most prevailing and ailing businesses.

In line with this, the Philippines, in recent years, has become a notable figure in providing business process outsourcing services for different corporations around the world. And as such, has partaken in the banquet of outsourcing requests, whether for ecommerce website development or public relation-related; and supplied over thousands of needed manpower in different fields and markets.

In fact, the Philippines currently houses hundreds of call center agencies that cater to different IT and service-oriented companies. And because of this, the country is popularly known as a call-center hub. Main cities like Quezon, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan play hosts to plenty of BPO institutions engaged in voice-related customer service. And for years now, this has been a predominant source of revenue for the country.

Now, the reason behind this sudden boom in the call center industry can be attributed to the increasing confidence international companies direct at Filipino workers in the aspect of communication. Since they are aware that Filipinos are proficient English speakers and writers and that they have malleable dictions that can authentically mimic foreign dialogue, they resolve at hiring them for customer assistance. Indeed, experience has proven that Filipinos are more comprehensible and are more able to maintain constructive conversations over the phone. Thatís why inquiring customers have greater confidence that their problems can be solved. And by virtue of their past exposure to foreign customs as well as their innate sense of hospitality and kind temperament, Filipinos have established themselves to be effective at relating and empathize with foreign nationalities; making them a more preferable source of aid. However, the countryís BPO industry is currently adding more services to its roster, giving investors additional reasons to consider it over its leading competitors.

It is no secret that the country houses highly literate manpower, naturally compelled to learn more and do more. And this claim is actually well-reflected by the versatility and efficiency of their outsourced workforce. You will find call center agents not only learned about technical solutions, but far-out topics like health and medicine as well. This is a demonstration of how well-rounded Filipinos are in terms of knowledge.

Now, aside from that, it is observable through its governmentís efforts that the country takes outsourcing very seriously. Administration openly supports the outsourcing industry by allotting funds for information and equipment supplementation and decreasing taxation on the investorís part. If anything, this reveals how Philippine business process outsourcing is slowly raising the standards for the said industry. So thereís no need to hesitate considering the country as a partner in any business venture.


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