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Ecommerce: Redefining the Nature of Trade

By Seven Espino, The Hubport Group
October 15, 2009
Since the dawn of man, there has always been a medium of trade. It started out by simply exchanging one item for another. With the discovery of metal, coins then began to be the standard medium.

Man has come a long way since the invention of trade. Now in the digital age, money travels in cyberspace just like an ordinary email. And with that, doing business on the internet is the newest front for those money making moguls. Putting up a business is one thing and selling something is actually, another. This is where ecommerce website design comes in. Since doing business on the internet costs dramatically less than putting up a shop, it thus became very affordable for average earners to put up websites.

In order to run a successful internet business, a website needs proper exposure to potential clients. This may involve paid advertising and search engine optimization. Ecommerce website design allows the business to look very professional and customer friendly. To attain this, a professional website designer is needed.

Now that the website looks professional, it must be exposed to its potential customers. Measures to increase traffic to a business page can be implemented. A very clever advertising plan is needed for this or a professional search engine optimization team can be hired to raise the rank of the page.

Search engine optimization works by allowing a particular website to be very visible to internet users. For example, when a search query is entered on Google or Yahoo, the page with the highest rank appears on top of the search hierarchy. This can happen to the webpage that an SEO team has worked on. It can appear in the top ten of the results, bringing with that position, the chances of it being clicked a hundred fold. Thus traffic is assured and driven to the business page. This type of optimization is not a temporary project but an ongoing operation that is maintained by specialists or teams.

This marketing strategy drives traffic from search engines onto a particular website, thus increasing the number of potential customers which in turn lead to more sales. And everybody knows that more sales mean more money, which simply means that the investment was a sound decision and worth it.

SEO specialists also work on the credibility of the website they are promoting. There is no use for a website to be very visible if it is not trustworthy. Everything hangs in a balance on how professional a website looks, and the trustworthiness of the company behind it. People today are very much aware of scams that prowl the internet. They are looking for secured transactions and guarantees that any services or goods they purchase can be delivered.

With these in place, it is only a matter of time to get the business growing. As long as there is an excellent service or product to push, it is guaranteed that it will sell up to a point. The next step would now come from the company itself. Excellent customer relations and service are keys to keeping a business running. SEO and website design can only do so much.


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