BPO in the Philippines led it to be an Asian Hub of Software Development
Author: Greg Candelario

Towards the start of the decade, mankind has witnessed a lot of technological improvements, especially in the internet. Ten years ago, the size of the current web pages were estimated to be only at one billion. Three years later a database of about 3.6 billion web pages were then measured. Back in 2006, Google claims pages of up to 25 billion, worldwide. Thus explains the need for 24x7 Technical Support Outsourcing, especially in ecommerce. Given the quantity of competitors online entrepreneurs have, it is an edge if they can maintain functionality and accessibility , 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This has led to the increase in global hiring of work forces, especially from the Philippines, where information technology is pervasive. And this is also the reason why BPO jobs in the Philippines are on the rise.

Many have asked why the Philippines is in league with one of the top countries when it comes to outsourcing. This can be attributed to the country's excellent outsourced service repertoire. An example can be the 24x7 Technical Support Outsourcing by which foreign companies can guarantee optimum functioning of their website at any date and time. For twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, support personnel from the designated outsourcing country will answer queries and technical issues diligently, giving an emphasis on customer satisfaction. They will also be involved in dealing with any software and website issues. As such, software development in the Philippines and custom software has also been a major outsourced commodity by the country.

With high quality BPO jobs in the Philippines, the country has successfully turned itself into an Asian hub for software development and training. By accelerating the development of their information infrastructure, the distance separating the 7,100 islands has compressed dramatically, as they have built virtual bridges, connecting them to each other and to other countries. Software development within Philippines and custom software creation has helped business entities and organizations produce programs that works for a specifically to augment their production and profit.

Developments in Philippine telecommunication technology have offered opportunities for the country to outsource services in web design, web development and search engine optimization. It has increased its standing in the hierarchy by consistent progress in the information technology field. The Philippines have thus become part of the major outsourcing countries because of this. By allowing software development throughout Philippines and custom software outsourced, the professionals in the country have increased flexibility in their jobs.

The Philippine Information Technology industries encompasses a knowledgeable, price competitive work force. The country’s outsourced professionals are proficient in English, have good capabilities in dealing with foreign partners and has tremendous entrepreneurial skills. BPO jobs within the Philippines has truly evolved to a new level.

Philippine companies are now outsourcing competitively in the world market. Through the years they have worked hard to make a place in the Information Technology industry. Now, with their 24x7 Technical Support Outsourcing, there is much to expect. Research analysts disagree however with the outsourcing of technical support, mainly because they do not internally support economic conditions. In addition, it also steals away job opportunities for local professionals. To some extent, these are unfortunately true. However, The aid that outsourcing affords company in maximizing their resources is undoubtedly greater and should be explored first, to strengthen a country's actual economic status.