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BPO: Looking Beyond the Price

By Jenny Cagadas, Hubport Group
Friday, November 27, 2009
Business process outsourcing basically revolves around the principle of cost effectiveness. What most investors look for is a business process outsourcing service provider that can give them what they want at a lesser rate than local employment. This is understandable considering that the very existence of BPO is rooted on the goal of saving companies from extensive operation costs. However, there are certain outsourcing issues that require that particular characteristic overlooked.

There are plenty of BPO clients who’ve had disappointing experiences when it comes to acquiring business process outsourcing services because they were blinded by the prospect of saving money than securing quality. Yes. In part, it is the role of BPO providers to ensure excellent and timely outputs. But as an investor, you have to make certain that you are not engaging in a futile transaction with a third party service provider.

Aside from cheap price tags, foreign companies should also consider how a BPO firm complements their politics, beliefs, work ethics and expectations. If you are to hire a BPO firm that offers ecommerce website development or search engine optimization, you should perform a background check first. See if the firm has an outstanding track record regarding their services. Find out what their past and current clients have to say about them. Determine if their system syncs well with your operations and if their manpower is adequately numbered and skilled enough to meet your requirements.

Now culture may probably be the biggest contributing factor to the success of an interracial business partnership. Biases aside, we cannot deny that the inherent attitude and practice of an individual, rooted in his cultural denomination, makes a big difference with the way he works and the quality of output he delivers. The Japanese for example, are an industrious race. They are inventive and technologically inclined, which is why they’re IT industry is booming. The Japanese are credited with the creation of the most ingenious pieces of machinery and it hosts some of the world’s best companies, including Sony, Canon, Epson and Fujitsu. Given this, the Japanese can indeed be a great business ally especially in terms of information technology. However, there is a big problem concerning language that would render any skilled Japanese professional useless to American, European or Australian companies. Language, which is in part culturally defined, makes every difference in the sound translation of work requests into outputs.

To this end, investing companies also need to put into consideration a business process outsourcing service provider’s capacity to communicate effectively with them. Communication is important in business. It makes up the core of all proceedings and operations. It is upon which that instructions are relayed, tasks are disseminated, questions are raised and corrections are provided. Without proper communication, there is a big chance that lapses will occur and all the time, money and effort exerted would be rendered futile.

Hence, aside from looking at the price tag of the business process outsourcing service you are to get, dig a little bit deeper and discover how well the provider matches your need. And just in case you are wondering where you could get highly-literate, IT efficient, hard-working and proficient English speaking outsourced workers, you might want to check out what Philippine BPO companies have to offer you.

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