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BPAP Outsourcing Directory to Strengthen Outsourcing Bloc

By Jessica Madrazo, Hubport Group
The Philippine BPO industry has reached unexpected heights, and with the consistent growth, it is expected to expand even more with an expectation of earnings to reach $13 Billion of earnings and a job generation of one million by the year 2010. The country’s association of BPO and their umbrella associations have been pouring projects upon projects to further nourish the prospering industry, one of which is the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and their continuous efforts to update the Philippine Outsourcing Directory.

The directory will contain all the key players in the IT-BPO market along with their contact details and business description. As placed by BPAP chief executive Oscar Sanez, the directory is a means to assist chart the expansion of the Business Process industry. Outsourcing companies are succeeding in unparalleled proportions, and with a scheme to monitor them and their actual performance, it may be possible to acquire actual over-all statistics of the Philippine’s BPO performance.

At present, there are 400,000 to 500,00 Filipinos employed under the BPO industry, functioning in five major fields of animation, software development, engineering and design, medical transcription and contact center support. It is confirmed to be feasible, that, given the international demand acceleration for offshore outsourcing remains as is, or rises, the one million job target will be accomplished.

The BPAP directory, “Offshoring and Outsourcing Directory Philippines 2008” is an outstanding exemplar of the movement of different Philippine BPO associations and entities’ to further and enhance the industry’s role in driving the Philippine economy.


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