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Aquino Governance: What’s in Store for the BPO Industry?

The Hubport Group

Friday, June 11,2010

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be leaving a total of US$7.2 billion Business Process Outsourcing generation legacy when she turns over her governance to the country’s new “chief engineer”. The offshore BPO staffs and specialists in the Philippines have performed more than well and survived the recent global recession. This is what the incumbent Philippine president has trumpeted. But would the industry remain healthy under the term of Sen. Benigno Aquino, Jr. which would start a few weeks from now?

The country and its people will once again face a new leader with a new set of law makers. How would Sen. Aquino perform in his first one hundred days and onwards in office put both the Filipino hopefuls and skeptics in a varied speculation. As for the Philippine BPO providers, organizers of the e-Services conference, expressed optimism that the country will attain its goal of capturing 10 per cent of the global BPO market share in 2010, assuring that the turn of the recent political election will not have any major operational impact on their businesses. Richard North, CEO of The InterCon Group stressed that the confidence of the company is in the people and in the long-term economic potentials of the country, regardless of the frequently changing faces of the politicians. He said that the company believes in the economic stability of the Philippines and have been here in the country for 35 years and will still be here to stay. InterCon Group is a leader in professional staffing and consulting resources to the Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications Industries, and only one of the many companies and BPO specialists that have expressed their confidence in the Philippines.

From the Business Processing Association of the Philippines executive director for information and research Gillian Joyce Virata’s end, the country’s BPO industry faces still the challenge to contend with the negative perception issue abroad. And she said that the government needs to refocus support for the industry. The association and the trade furthermore hope that the data privacy bill and the bill creating a department of information and communication technology will be passed this year after both failed to pass in the 14th congress.

A part of the NoyNoy Aquino- Mar Roxas Platform of Government acknowledged the role of the Philippine BPO providers in the economy, as well as the high level of employment brought about by hiring offshore BPO staffs. The article in the platform states “Now that we have the industry, we go back to basics… but instead of incentivizing the foreign multinationals, we focus on allowing the local companies to compete with the pioneers, we focus on getting more people involved, educated, and/or hired.”

Will these be enough for the Business Processing Association of the Philippines and the pool of BPO providers, offshore BPO staff and specialists’ expected $12Billion revenue growth path for this year? Will the Business Process Outsourcing sector continue to be the country’s sunshine industry under the Aquino rule? That will be up to the numbers.

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