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An Introduction To RP Business Process Outsourcing

By Dexter Lamparas, Hubport Group
Friday November 27, 2009
Considering the current business trend, it is true that business process outsourcing could be the opportunity we have all been looking for. Business experts say that outsourcing could eventually be the cause of a worldwide reorganization of business proceedings; transforming current occupations into more technologically-advanced ones.

This trend began early in the 90ís when technologically advanced countries started to outsource some of their processes to other foreign countries in order to cut back on costs and improve outputs. With this, third world countries found greater use for their skills and resources.

Many Asian countries took on the job as business process outsourcing services providers so that they can take advantage of high paying jobs and at the same time improve in their technological skills. With the prevailing outsourcing inclination of most international companies, we can really expect a bright future for outsourcing countries such as the Philippines.

Foreign companies have now discovered that the Philippines has potential as an outsourcing country due to its affinity with Western nations. Aside from the low cost services being offered by the Philippines, they also provide excellent outputs because of their natural talents and advanced technological skills. In addition, labor charges in the Philippines are far cheaper compared to those of Europe and the U.S. To explain this further, the average labor charge of a Filipino staff is only two hundred fifty pesos. Thatís about equivalent to $5. Now, aside from this, Filipinos are also very good in speaking and writing English, which gives them a greater advantage especially in communication over other countries that offer business process services.

The Philippines uses its government-funded institutions, professional graduates and other similar elements to make them a top competitor for business process outsourcing services. Unlike India and China, Filipinos are more intense and aggressive in the outsourcing projects and as such, are to be trusted with different company operations. Filipinos are resourceful and are always look for challenges in order to test and upgrade their current skills.

An advantage in availing of Philippine BPO services is that the Philippine government openly supports this kind of trade; mainly because it is safe, generates a lot of revenue and that it brings honor and dignity back to the country. It cannot be denied that Filipinos are often labeled abroad as domestic helpers or entertainers and this causes foreign nationalities to think inferiorly about the race. But with outsourcing, Filipinos now have a powerful means for correcting the misconception and finally reverse the train of thought of foreigners. Now, what makes the BPO great is that it contributes dollar income to the country, similar to those of an overseas worker, uplifting the status of the countryís economy.

Now, aside from customer support centers and other outsourcing related services, ecommerce website development is one of the most sought after services from Philippines BPO firms. Ecommerce website development is ideal for a foreign company or organization who desires to promote or sell their products over the internet. This particular service will aid them in creating a site that will draw in and accommodate potential customers and inspire sales. Since a lot of people around the world have the tendency of purchasing everything they need via the internet, ecommerce website development will be of great help in rerouting all those interests towards your own web-based business.

This is where the Filipinoís naturally business-oriented mindset comes into play. Filipinos excel in marketing and are innovative in the aspect of promotion. They offer a variety of business-boosting services at really cheap prices. They also guarantee positive results in a certain amount of time. And with business relationship concerns, they are definitely trustworthy and reliable.

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