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A YES to Multimedia Development Outsourcing in the Philippines

The Hubport Group

Monday, June 07,2010

We have entered the era of globalized information technology interaction where multimedia development outsourcing has become the trend. In the Philippines, offshoring multimedia design is breaking through since Filipinos have gone technologically interactive and receptive of technological advancements. And over the last nine years, the country has firmly established a reputation as a cost-effective BPO site. This is due to a huge pool of human resource, talent, skills, IT competencies and of course compensable employment rate.

Looking through a different focal point, Filipinos also have a rich and diverse culture with high regard for arts and aesthetics. Among the Filipino values are creativity, vibrant imagination, and perseverance. Incorporate these attributes in the world of multimedia development and designing, there won’t be room for questions why multimedia development outsourcing is flourishing in the country. This is another perspective that Filipinos and offshoring multimedia design companies have to look into and put emphasis on, because aside from being known as a cost-effective BPO location the Philippines can be, our BPO professionals can prove to clients that offshoring multimedia design in the country can return high revenues in their businesses. When you put creativity, vibrant imagination and perseverance altogether with computer-based interactive communication processes and then integrate theory and technology and their practical application in design projects, the result would be a world competent offshore multimedia design. So what does this mean? In the business world, multimedia designing is about setting an organization apart from the crowd by drawing a distinct corporate identity and personality for online and off line marketing. The output of multimedia innovation will be utilized for business growth.

After highlighting the Filipino traits as market for multimedia development outsourcing, let us go to the statistics. Innate creative skills plus technical and multimedia designing tools know-how combined, the country is easily put on the map for offshoring multimedia design. As of year 2008-2009, the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education (CHED) listed Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science among the top five sought after courses with 95,300 and 100,700 enrollees respectively. Here is where the pool of BPO and systems development companies’ outsourced virtual assistants, web designers, software engineers, programmers, and multimedia development professionals have been raked from.

According to the government, there were 290,000 professionals working for the country's information and technology (IT) sector as of 2002. Moreover, a leading information and technology (IT) research and consulting company in the United States called The Meta Group, has ranked the Philippines as the world's most competitive country in the "knowledge jobs" category of Global New e-Economy Index. The "knowledge jobs" category covers the availability of qualified engineers, and IT skills. This can be attributed to the growing number of IT related course offerings of universities and colleges in the Philippines and some being center of excellence in Information Technology.

Still wondering why over the past years multimedia development outsourcing turned its face in the country? The answers are inside every Filipino, the competitive certified IT professionals with qualifications that conform to international standards, our nature for having the capacity to be in the mainstream with big offshoring multimedia design countries, and the Philippines being a cost-effective BPO. As always.

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