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A New Breed of Workers: The Knowledge Process Professionals

By Tara Estacaan, The Hubport Group
October 13, 2009
The knowledge process outsourcing industry was a celebrated modification from the low-end business process outsourcing that was so popular. As such, the outsourcing provider business in the Philippines and all over Asia is experiencing a surge in projects that required knowledge processing from offshore companies through several time zones. There have been great needs for professionals to do market research and other jobs that necessitate special knowledge. The KPO business, thereby, is considered a gold mine that can heap more revenue in the years to come.

This new trend in providing services that are higher than back-office operations has lead companies to employ a different breed of personnel. These are called knowledge process professionals that can do legal research, network management, legal research and consultancy jobs. They are well-capable to provide domain expertise since these professionals have taken Masters and Doctorate degrees in many fields of specialization yet also are agreeable to receive lower wages than their counterparts in other countries.

With the slow rate of employment in most Asian countries, the Philippines is also gaining position against this menace. With promising employment prospects from the outsourcing provider industry, people with high credentials can be tapped to deliver their expertise as dedicated outsource staff for KPOs and BPOs.

Offshore organizations have long realized the imperative to get foreign labor that can deliver impressive results. For this, they turn to destinations such as the Philippines, India and China to provide them high output from quality manpower. Much damage to businesses was brought by the recession, so companies are seeking sources of good intellectual labor that they can pay low.

But a system has to be set by an outsourcing provider company to obtain the trust of its market. One concern that has come up in the outsourcing market is the reliability of providers to handle projects. There have been questions if these budding outsourcing companies can really deliver results that meet the timeline and with high quality.

With the effort KPOs have poured into recruitment of the right kind of people, and providing the right training program for them, the market can be assured that Filipino KPOs can meet the standards that have been set for the outsourcing industry.

The need for people to furnish solutions with good judgment can be given by new graduates from various disciplines. With well-rounded exposure to many fields of study during college, a modern-day graduate can certainly take jobs that are given by BPOs and KPOs. Knowing the technological ability of these young professionals, information processing jobs cannot be that difficult to perform. Thus, we see many new KPO’s delving into more competitive grounds because of a ready pool of highly skilled dedicated outsource staff to serve offshore multinational firms.

As trainings for web development, legal processes and clinical research are given priorities, KPOs can have a steady source of people who are willing to take on jobs in knowledge processing. Thus, the solution to high cost of business operations can be found in the country’s outsourcing provider firms. Granting low-wage and high quality deliverables to client organizations, Philippine KPOs, definitely, do have a bright future.


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