The Top Outsourcing Destination: The Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines, also called as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, is a tropical country located in the Southeast Asian region. Blessed with a tropical climate, it is the major supplier of agricultural products such as rice, corn and coffee. But apart from its rich natural resources and beautiful, azure, tranquil beaches, the Philippines also host ans abundance of human capital that is highly skilled and well versed in multiple languages. Brought about by years of colonization, as well as interracial marriages, Filipinos today are quite familiar with foreign tongues, most especially English; and as such, have been in demand for different positions in different parts of the world.

Typical Filipinos are conservative, traditional and religious. And in the past, they were not so open and exposed to modern changes. However, due to the introduction of foreign practices and knowledge, they have now become adapted to the use of high-end technologies and have become experts in the field of information technology. In fact, a Filipino inventor by the name of Diosdado Banatao, pioneered the local bus chip for PCs, single-chip graphical user interface accelerator, and Ethernet controller chip. He also helped in the development of the first accelerator chip for Windows, which was bought by Intel. If anything, this proves how capable the race is at leading technological innovations.

Modernization and Innovation: How Competent is The Philippines in Terms of Outsourcing

Now, because of the efficiency and flexibility of Filipinos in the field of information technology, they are now known as one of the trusted participants in the innovation race. In support of this wave, several IT organizations have been formed, like the Philippine Society of Information Technology (PSIT) and Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), to promote and safeguard the integrity of Philippine IT. In addition, IT school and training centers have been established to train more Filipinos as information technologists. This training includes computer programming, web designing/development, basic use office application software and hardware, as well as network technologies. As a result of this, the pool of competent IT personnel in the Philippines has increased yearly, thereby, making it capable to answer the demand. Factor that in with a cheaper exchange rate, colorful racial background and well guided work principle, and you have the best and most practical personnel to perform your front office/back office tasks in the personification of an Filipino IT specialist. The Philippines, is indeed, a goldmine of IT experts, and is best to be consulted for related concerns.