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Will Trump Presidency affect PH outsourcing?

Posted on March 22, 2017

outsourcing as appropriate for the economy

BPO executives have relayed their fears that trade and business will be affected by the pending Donald Trump Presidency, as official visits and investors are taking longer to transact even with pre-established accounts in the country. It seems that the powerful rhetoric that propelled Trump to the White House has affected how international markets view the Unites States, and vice-versa. How this will affect outsourcing relations will of course depend on the course of action he chooses to take once President, as his statements on the matter are non-committal and conflicted at best.

This has of course drawn comparisons to Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, whose own rhetoric has been held in controversy. His statements on women and the fight against illegal drugs have drawn both legions of fans and critics alike; his campaign to reform the growing drug dependency epidemic in the country has already felled casualties, most of them said to be innocents who have been caught in the line of fire. 

Despite his professed socialist, left-leaning politics, Duterte and Trump are often viewed in parallel terms as to their image.

However, firms that have already been entrenched in the Philippine economy are less likely to leave, as they have vested interests in the country’s work performance already. It becomes even more important to establish ties as the growth of the outsourcing sector appears to wane, which will have to also deal with the ongoing effects that the US economy will have with a Trump presidency.

As for those concerned with that a Trump-Duterte alliance would look like, Duterte has said that he has only discussed his crackdown on drugs and his mobilization of police efforts to combat it. Duterte says that he and Trump established a rapport, and that he was sympathetic to the issues that the country faces.


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