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Outsourcing News: Rise in online hiring for outsourcing companies

Posted on May 25, 2017


A rise in online hiring for outsourcing companies has been seen in the first quarter of 2017, Business Mirror Philippines reports.

Managing Director Sanjay Modi, for’s Asia and Middle East division, states that the robust growth is due to demand and skill of the workforce, particularly in the banking and finance sector.

“Driven mostly by domestic demand, business outputs have remained stable or experienced some growth. As a result, businesses are keen to hire in the country. Many MNCs [multinational corporations] and local businesses have also chosen to set up in the Philippines, and the demand for talent in the work force is expected to see a spike across all levels,” Modi said.

A 22% growth from January 2016 to the present has made outsourcing resources positive in the Philippines.



Online hiring by BPOs seen increasing in January-March, Business Mirror Philippines