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Fostering outsourcing links, promote growth in provincial cities

Posted on June 6, 2017

outsourcing davao city

With the Philippine outsourcing industry growing despite early-year projections, steps must still be taken to ensure the safety and sustainability of this growth. As such, several challenges to the IT-BPO community have to be addressed by industry leaders in order to truly prosper. Apart from Metro Manila, local and foreign clients alike have been looking to outsource their work to cities such as Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and others.

Growth for outsourcing matches infrastructure, community development

As the outsourcing industry spreads throughout the country, efforts must be done to ensure that this growth is at the rate of infrastructure and economic and social development. Existing industries and office spaces must be made for these emerging businesses, and as such should also lead to more and more development down the line. This must also coincide with the influx of businesses and startups from both local and foreign sources.

Frequently outsourced business dealings include customer support, website design, content writing, and search engine optimization services. Employees must be qualified to perform these positions as the result of a changing market, and be flexible enough to meet these needs.



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