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Outsourcing Research Work, Decoded

Posted on April 3, 2017

outsourcing research

According to a new study done by Paula Stephan of the University of Georgia, a growing trend among academic researchers is for outsourcing their research, rather than leave it to research assistants or interns. “Cost affects the way research is conducted,” she states, and this is noted in the rising cost of hiring post-doctoral students and assistants to do the work. In the past, this was seen as the more cost-effective method of conducting research, but with the integration of modern technology, this is subject to change.

Legislative Changes in Outsourcing

Among other measures, a new measure undertaken by the United States Department of Labor states that those who earn under a certain margin need to be paid an hour and a half wages for every hour’s worth of work. This will only come into effect when those affected work above the standard 40 hours a week. The National Institute of Health is also following suit, increasing stipends for post-graduate fellows and the like.

As such, this affects how most post-doctoral studies and research are done. With outsourcing being one of the alternatives to this measure, it will help to study up on the impacts that research work and technical writing have on those who are skilled content writers. This way, they are prepared for the change that will come their way once this measures come to pass.



Outsourcing, coming soon to a lab near you,