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Outsourcing Blog: Mobile Customer Service Tips

Posted on May 30, 2017

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There are several innovative ways to commit to outsourcing one’s business. One way where you can reach a new platform is through mobile customer service. This is convenient for most customers on the go, as they can manage their own business frequently. Because of this newer interface, however, services need to be streamlined and tested to deal with this difference. Below are some tips that one can use in order to excel at this format.

Mobile Outsourcing Tips

Response Rate

The higher the response rate, the better you are seen to your customers.  Getting their issues solved at once makes for a good impression. Nothing is worse than feeling ignored.

Response Time

Fast response times are always welcome. Although most CS representatives deal with hundreds or even thousands of queries a day, to these customers, their dilemma should be one’s first priority.

Resolution Time

It’s not enough to get a response out; the problem needs to be resolved before any further damage can be done. Especially for mobile products, which are prone to water and shock damage, this is key.

Escalation Rate

The larger a problem appears, the more it should be addressed. Outsourcing one’s customer service means that it will be easier to organize issues in order of need.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Whether an issue was resolved or needs total recall, customers will always remember helpful CS representatives that offer good advice. This is why maintaining a calm demeanor is crucial.



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